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Let’s talk dirty ūüėČ

While we’re all out enjoying how great we look in our stilettos and sheer blouses, our bodies and clothes are basically at war with one another. ¬†Delicate fabrics and late night sweat sessions on the dance floor are just incompatible. ¬†Ankle straps as skinny as our heels are pretty much a recipe for an ugly blister… I cut my heels up so badly 3 weeks ago (on FLAT sandals!) that I’m still taping over my wounds. ¬†It’s a dangerous world! ¬†Luckily for us, Fashion First Aid offers a variety of products targeted to solve these types of problems.

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I sampled the purse kit, which includes (1) collar strip (for your hat or collar), (1) pair of garment guards (for any light colored shirt susceptible to pit stains), (1) page of wundercover (beige strips of different sizes to cover your heels or even hide a tattoo), (1) page of quick fix sticks (double sided tape to keep your garments in place), and (1) instant pocket.

I’ve been using the wundercover to protect my heels from more damage after the aforementioned lost battle with some new sandals. ¬†The quick fix sticks have proven to be very handy – I fit a 4 everywhere but my bust, which usually causes an oh-so-classy button gap. ¬†The double sided tape holds my blouses in place and releases easily, without damaging the silk. ¬†I’m saving my instant pocket for the next time I wear a slim dress and just need to hide my keys somewhere!

While the purse kit was great, The Dirty Side of Fashion was actually my favorite product.

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The book has a few samples of products (the Knicker Sticker came in handy last night) as well as information that had me thinking “where has this been all my life?!” ¬†I’ve included my favorite pages below:

The Dirty Side Of Fashion - 2

Zara labels demystified… amirite?

The Dirty Side Of Fashion - 4

I have been over-cleaning my jeans for my entire life, which probably explains why I have to buy new pairs every year.

The Dirty Side Of Fashion - 3

Annnnd apparently I’ve been ironing everything incorrectly for my entire life. ¬†I knew I should have kept asking my mom to do it for me. That pleat tip is going to come in handy.

You’ll have to get your own copy of The Dirty Side of Fashion¬†for more tips and tricks on how to make your pieces last. ¬†It’s also a great way to check out a few products and find which may be the best long term solutions for you.



Thanks to Lexington PR and Fashion First Aid for sponsoring this post.  Opinions are my own.

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