4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette

4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette
4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette

I heard somewhere that spring is coming, but in California that means it’s 10 degrees warmer and probably raining.  NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING!  Just highlighting that the poor east-coasters are ready for a major shift in the weather patterns and it kind of means nothing to me.  But still, when spring is coming, regardless of what “spring” means for your geographic location, everyone pretty much panics and freaks out about how a winter of mac and cheese and donuts has affected their bikini bods.  And by everyone I definitely mean myself included.  My bad habits are more along the lines of gummy candies, cookies, and lots of chips… but… you know… same end result.

4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette
4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette

Anyway, preparation for bikini season and the crop tops that the fashion industry has dumped on us means some dietary changes for most.  While I can wholeheartedly say that salads are one of my favorite meals, I know that they can be an evil diet food for many, and that dumping way more than one serving of ranch dressing over some iceberg might be the only way you can handle eating a salad for dinner.  Don’t lie, we all do or have done it. The trouble is, bottled dressings usually have tons of sugar, fat, and sodium hidden inside of them.  Don’t those sound like 3 things that aren’t really going to help you feel good in a bathing suit?  I thought so.

4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette
4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette

Making your dressing at home can feel super intimidating, but it’s really, really simple.  All you need is a whisk and 5 minutes to pull together a delicious vinaigrette.  Use this recipe as a basic base and adapt away!  Sometimes I go with a sherry or red wine vinegar instead of the balsamic, and add some grated shallot and garlic for a more intense flavor.  Swapping lemon juice for vinegar and adding herbs will help your vinaigrette double as a marinade and/or sauce to serve with your lean meats.  Experiment away until you find your new favorite dressing, and then be super happy that you can pronounce all of the ingredients.  You can still slather your greens with it… I won’t tell 😉

4 ingredient balsamic vinaigrette


  • 1/4 C balsamic vinegar
  • 2 TBSP honey
  • 2 TBSP yellow mustard
  • 3/4 C olive oil (the good stuff)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mise en place, and read this recipe all the way through.
  2. Combine vinegar, honey, and mustard in a bowl and whisk to combine completely.
  3. Slowly stream in the olive oil, whisking the entire time, until the emulsion forms.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Enjoy!

Let me know what combinations you’ve tried and loved in the comments below!



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