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First off – I am so late on posting this.  I got hit really hard with a migraine on Friday morning and literally could not function until this morning.  Thankfully, there’s not even a dull throb behind my eyes anymore and I’m so grateful for that, as well as my wonderful boyfriend who took me to urgent care at 9 am on Saturday morning.  Anyway, I’m back in action and super excited about my summer beauty series, which launches with this post! }

If you’ve seen any of my style posts, you’ve certainly seen me in my favorite bright pink matte lipstick from Laqa & Co.  While I’m not ditching it any time soon, I think it’s time for a short break for the summer.

To me, summer beauty is easy and minimal; in other words, “I woke up like this.”  And unless you’re on a reality show or forgot to take off your makeup from the night before… I don’t think you’re waking up in pink lipstick.  I wanted something that could keep my lips nourished during a day by the pool, but multitask by adding a fresh pop of color for a laid back night out.  The pigments in this particular balm are long-wearing, and bright enough that you don’t want to apply haphazardly, but sheer enough that you really don’t need a mirror.

May Birchbox Samples:
1) Marcelle New Age 8 in 1 Power Serum
2) Pixi Beauty Shea Butter Lip Balm in Pixi Pink
3) 32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals with IsoVoxy
4) CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40
5) Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer
6) Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention Shampoo
7) Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention Conditioner


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