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Metalmorphosis 005 Swatches – Copper


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Metalmorphosis 005 Swatches – Bronze


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Metalmorphosis 005 Swatches – Silver


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Metalmorphosis 005 Swatches – Gold


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Hey guys! Today’s post is a simple swatch post of the Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 collection. Let me know in the comments down below if you guys would also like to see dupes for this collection!

Last time I checked, single color and everything sets were still in stock at Sephora.  Non-affiliate links are below for you guys – and remember that the VIB rewards cards just went out on te 2nd and are available to use until the 14th!  Depending on your level, you may have up to $25 off.  The single color kits are $60, so the reward card could get the cost down to $35.  Also, if you know someone who isn’t going to use theirs, you could ask them to let you have it – since these aren’t promo codes, you can apply multiple to one order.

Single color kits:

Personally, I think this kit was worth the expensive price tag.  Disclaimer: Pat McGrath is the reason I got into makeup as a teenager, and is someone I’ve looked up to my entire career.  I tend to purchase whatever she puts out regardless of what other people have to say about it.  So knowing that I am somewhat biased towards her products, here are my unbiased opinions of this collection.

The cream shadows can be applied very lightly, to create a gorgeous, subtle wash of shimmer across the entire lid.  They aren’t like typical cream shadows, and don’t need to be set with a powder.  I found the texture similar to ColourPop shadows.  The pigments alone are incredibly intense – they do have a decent amount of fallout when applied with a fingertip directly to the lid, but this is how I got the most intense metallic shine on my lid.  If you want to kick the metallic sheen up even higher, you mix the pigment with the Mehron mixing liquid included in the kit (Mehron is a makeup company not owned/affiliated with Pat McGrath labs, to my knowledge) and apply it with a brush to the area you want to see the most sheen.  It takes some practice to figure out just the right amount of mixing liquid and pigment to combine in order to attain just the right consistency and metallic sheen.  Also, it’s best to apply the liquid/pigment combo to prepped lids.  When I applied it over top of pigment I had already laid over the cream, the liquid/pigment combo actually lifted the pigment off of my lid and left a bare spot showing.  To solve this, I just packed more pigment over top once the liquid had dried down a bit.  The kit also includes a dual-ended liner, which has received many negative reviews on the Sephora site (reviewers have said that it mixed with the oils of their skin and smudge badly).  Personally, I conceal and set my eyelids and undereye with powder everyday and have not encountered this issue.  That said, if you tend not to apply powders in your eye area, you may not like this eyeliner.  I haven’t quite figured out how to work with the bold side, but have created some pretty sharp wings with the precise side of the liner.  Both sides are felt tips, and they are very stiff, which I prefer.  You can also purchase the liner separately, which I probably will not do.  For me, the pigment and cream shadows were what I was most interested in from this kit.

I hope the swatches and review help you guys decide whether or not this is something you’ll purchase!  Leave any questions you have in the comments and I’ll def get back to you.

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