Maybelline 24k Nudes Palette Review & Tutorial

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Before jumping into the video and review of the Maybelline 24k Nude Palette (and a few other items that were sent to me!), I want to let you guys know that this post is sponsored by Maybelline (!!!!!) and all opinions expressed are my own.

**Mandatory SQUEE/jump up and down/celebratory dance break bc I literally died when I received the email about getting to partner with an international beauty brand as huge as MAYBELLINE!!! And I’m so excited to be writing these words right now**

Okay, now that you all understand my excitement, let’s get into the tutorial!  Scroll down for reviews.


maybelline 24k nudes palette review

maybelline 24k nudes palette review

This is the Maybelline 24k Nudes Palette, which I really should have photographed before I swatched and used the heck out of it.  The palette is actually organized into duos/trios/quads, which are explained on the back of the packaging, to help inspire you to create a variety of looks!  I know many high-end palettes use the same philosophy, but personally, I found it really helpful to see the combinations listed on the back of the palette, even if I completely ignored them 😉

Overall, I thought this palette was good, especially considering it’s $13 price tag.  Some of the shades had comparable pigmentation to my high-end palettes.  Specifically: all 3 of the matte shades (top row: dark grey-brown second from the left and matte cream second from the right; bottom row: black) and the glittery black in the bottom left corner were very impressive. Overall, the shadows in the rightmost quad had the best pigmentation and overall performance – the gold and bronze did not disappoint, though I did have to remind myself I was using eyeshadows, and not pressed pigments (which have been my go-to for metallic shades as of late).

The shadow that disappointed me the most was the purple, and honestly, it just seemed like the shadow was pressed into the pan a little to hard during the manufacturing process. I was able to scrape off a layer and get better pigmentation after digging into the pan a bit, but ultimately this shadow needed to be layered over one of the darker shades in order to really show up on the lid.

In summary, I think this palette is definitely worth the money.  I have tried other palettes (mid-range and high-end) which didn’t have the same pigmentation as the shades in this palette.  I also think there is a great variety of neutrals (my fav, obvi) which will make this palette a staple for day-to-day looks, as well as full glam looks.  For this tutorial, I wanted to create a glam look because I was so impressed with the dark shades, but I will be creating a softer look an an upcoming drugstore makeup tutorial.

maybelline master precise eyeliner

I was not expecting the Master Precise eyeliner to blow me away like it did!  I have not had much luck with drugstore felt-tip eyeliners in the past – usually the formula is too watery and not pigmented enough to create a sharp, precise wing, but this one was completely different. The formula was the same inky black as my favorite gel eyeliner (also from Maybelline).  The felt tip was a little longer and slightly more flexible than what I’m used to using (the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner) but after doing one eye and getting used to the tip, getting my wing sharp on the second eye was a piece of cake.  The liner stayed in place all day without smudging, and applied super smoothly to my lids.  I will definitely be replacing my Kat Von D liner with this one since the performance is identical and it’s less than half the price.

maybelline colossal big shot mascara

The Colossal Big Shot Mascara also blew me away.  The brush is shaped in a way that allows you to coat the innermost lashes super precisely (aka no clumping), and also builds insanely full lashes to create a falsie effect.  I honestly think this mascara is comparable to my favorite Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir in terms of how it makes the lashes look.  The one difference  I noticed was that the formula itself is slightly drier, so my lashes didn’t feel as soft as they do when I wear my Velvet Noir.  I can definitely overlook this difference since switching mascaras will save me around $50 bucks a year.  I’ve also been on a falsie kick lately, but this mascara created such a full lashline that I didn’t feel like I was missing out by skipping false lashes.  I usually wear Ardell Demi Wispies to add volume to my natural lashes. If you typically go for thick banded, heavy, false lashes, you’ll still want them after applying this mascara.  But for me, the mascara alone did an amazing job.  My boyfriend even commented on how good my lashes looked (and he never notices my lashes when I wear my Marc Jacobs mascara.. soooo… ya know… #baeapproved 😉 )



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