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Effortless Summer Beauty | Elite Daily

Effortless Summer Beauty | Elite Daily

I am so excited to share that my second article with Elite Daily went up this morning!  We’re talking all about effortless summer beauty and my 6 essential products to achieve a natural, glowing look. You read that right – your bronzed, glowy, effortless summer beauty look only requires 6 products, and you probably have most of them… more

The Only 5 Products You Need for a Sweat-Proof Summer Glow

The Only 5 Products You Need for a Sweat-Proof Summer Glow

Check out my recent Elite Daily article!  Today’s post is all about the 5 essential products you need in your makeup bag to create a beautiful, sweat proof summer glow. I’ve included my go-to products recommendations – items that have earned a permanent place in my makeup bag due to their ability to withstand summer… more

the acne diaries… on BIRCHBOX!

  My final post is live on the Birchbox mag!  Check it out here.  This was my favorite post to write because it has been such a journey for me to figure out how to keep my skin happy and free of blemishes.  I’ve got 6 simple steps for you, and would love to hear… more

the after-workout transformation… in the BIRCHBOX mag!

If #nomakeupselfie is going to be a thing, I think #postrunselfie should also be a thing. Yes, I really snapped that minutes after walking in from my first run in forever.  Like, before I even stretched.  Check out how I went from red and sweaty to happy hour ready over on the Birchbox Magazine!  You… more

whisk and heels and… BIRCHBOX!

oh em GEE!  Today I am super excited to announce that I’ll be guest posting on Birchbox for the entire month of April!  I’ll still have plenty of fresh content for you here, but in addition to this Q&A, I’ll have a few more beauty related posts over there. Check it out here! Facebook Twitter… more


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