Volition Beauty: A New Kind of Beauty Company

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 8.53.29 PM Here’s the deal: Volition Beauty just launched, they’re going to change your entire perspective on skincare and beauty. In the same way that Kickstarter let’s people contribute money toward a project or initiative, Volition gives you the ability to influence the beauty industry.

How it works:
Contribute YOUR ideas for innovative beauty products, and vote on campaigns!  Each campaign is like a project on Kickstarter, except you provide support by voting, and not by giving money.  Volition makes it super easy to vote on products by breaking up their product summary into 3 clear sections: Discover, Innovation, and Performance.  You can learn about some surprising ingredients (um, maple?!) and find out what skincare concerns each addresses in a matter of seconds.  Best part?  If a product you vote for wins, you get to buy it at a pretty sweet discount (up to 40% off).  So basically, your opinion matters.

Why this is so exciting:
Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a weird concoction of items on your vanity in an attempt to get the perfect result.  YOU ARE AN INNOVATOR!  Now put those beauty smarts to good use and co-create with Volition – and start voting on the campaigns that are already in the running!

Check back soon for my reviews!  I’ve been lucky enough to sample the Maple Hydrating Mask, Detoxifying Silt Gelee, and the Oceanene Defense Gel!

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    • Sorry for the delay! They are their own developments – the community comes up with & votes on ideas and then Volition works with a lab to make them happen! I got to try some samples and the quality is on point.

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