ColourPop Strobing Kit Tutorial

Thank you so much for watching!  I purchased the ColourPop strobing kit with my own $$$ as an affordable way to check out the brand since I had been seeing their products everywhere. It was $39 (+ tax) for 3 cheek products and 3 lippiesticks, both of which I knew I wanted to try.  The video has a mini review and demo / tutorial of the kit recommended for light to medium skin tones.  I cover how I personally prefer to apply the check products as well as a few things I’ve noticed after using them for the last 2 weeks.  Unfortunately my blush segment cut out but you’ll still be able to see how GORGEOUS the highlight colors apply!

You can buy the kit I used here:

The kit recommended for medium to deep skin tones is here: (I haven’t tried this one but think the colors are equally stunning & actually prefer the lip shades in this kit!)

Happy strobing 😉

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