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peach plum tart

peach plum tart

#humblebrag: This is the most beautiful creation to come out of my kitchen.  And I’m really, ridiculously, excited to share it.  (Don’t worry, it tastes really good too!) Before I get started, a few things: I promise, I do make more than pies and tarts.  As of late, I’ve just found it incredibly soothing to… more

peaches and dream cupcakes

Let me start off by explaining why I named this recipe “peaches and dream.”  Contrary to what my coworkers probably think, I did not choose this name for the sole purpose of of saying, “peaches and dreeeaaam” in my best goofy seduction voice (though it was a nice bonus, and resulted in lots of schoolgirl… more

griddled poundcake and fresh fruit

so, this weekend was way crazier than I anticipated when I posted my daily deal roundup on Thursday.  I thought I was in for a relaxing weekend, but ended up running from event to event from Friday to Sunday.  The boyfriend and I spent Friday night in after he had a minor tummy procedure; while… more


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