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gameday snacks: chicken tenders [week 16]

Chicken tenders: my go-to diner order at any hour of the day… or night…  I’ve made many a variation of fried chicken, yet this childhood staple is my absolute favorite.  That said, I have zero interest in getting my chicken tenders from a drive-thru window – and lately, I’d rather cook at home than eat… more

gameday snacks: fried ravioli [week 14]

Of all of the pastas, ravioli is probably my favorite.  Perfectly al-dente noodles holding together whatever delicious filling you’ve concocted, swimming in a delicious sauce.  Yes. It’s fatal flaw?  It’s impossible to eat on the go.  So when a friend’s mom introduced me to fried ravioli (toasted, she called them, “because fried implies fattening and… more

gameday snacks: simplified arancini [week 5]

gameday snacks: simplified arancini [week 5]

I remember the first time I had arancini more clearly than I remember what I ate for dinner two nights ago.  I was in college at an event in the upscale Alumni House; the hosts were serving appetizers and asking if I’d prefer a Pinot Noir or a Merlot.  I didn’t want to make myself… more


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