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gameday snacks: tomato bacon jam grilled cheese [week 11]

I know this sounds really weird… bacon and tomatoes?  Bacon and tomato jam?  What? No, I haven’t totally lost my mind (yet).  Let me explain my twisted logic.  I wanted to make a “greater grilled cheese” using a really sharp white cheddar and crispy bacon strips – but the thought of trying to balance a… more

gameday snacks: loaded nachos [week 10]

gameday snacks: loaded nachos [week 10]

This post is going to be part recipe and part rant.  Why, you ask?  I have a pet peeve (okay, I have many pet peeves, but I’ll only go into one of them today) about improperly prepared nachos.  Context: you’re out at dinner with friends, and you decide, “Why yes, it would be a terrific… more

gameday snacks: mac and cheese cups [week 2]

gameday snacks: mac and cheese cups [week 2]

Welcome to week 2!  This week brings another handheld twist on a classic pasta dish that I hope you’ll all enjoy: mac and cheese cups.  As I’m sure you gathered, this week’s recipe is a little more heavy duty than last week’s… it got really cold all of a sudden and I felt like I… more


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