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daytime drama with POP beauty

daytime drama with POP beauty

Sorry that this isn’t the greatest photo of the makeup!  I took some on my nicer camera, but the sun  was so bright that the color got super washed out, and I couldn’t really fix it in Photoshop.  The iPhone pic doesn’t really do this justice, but I loved the look and was eager to… more

two nights with birchbox

So I’m pretty much having the best week ever.  What more could I ask for during my birthday week?  You may recall seeing me tweet about a very exciting opportunity to have dinner with the Birchbox team and other San Francisco-based #birchbloggers: #birchbloggers dinner with the @birchbox masterminds and #sf #beauty gurus? I cannot imagine… more

ruffian manicure tutorial

ruffian manicure tutorial

OMG I’m so excited.  This is the my first tutorial, and while I know the image quality could be better (sorry… got home way later than anticipated and totally lost the natural light…), I think I’ve devised a really easy way to get a salon-grade Ruffian manicure!  Once you get the basics down, you’ll be… more


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