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how to get glowing skin

how to get glowing skin

Some people have clear, beautiful skin that glows like they’re lit from within.  I do not.  (If you’re interested, you can read more about how I’ve worked to improve my own skin here and see what my face looks like sans-makeup & post-run here.)  That said, I still love and am forever chasing a flawless… more

september sample society box review: box c

september sample society box review: box c

This post is so much later than I intended it to be!  I meant to post last Friday when I finished playing with my new products, but my schedule got the better of me.  Better late than never, right? This month’s Sample Society box was pretty good!  It contained 4 skincare items and one bonus… more

my 3 new beauty obsessions + sephora VIB sample bag review

stop.  everything.  I have a new favorite mascara, cleanser, and bb cream.  WHAT HAS HAPPENED?  In my college social psychology seminar, I learned that I am (or was!) a satisficer – a person who, upon reaching the desired emotional state, does not try to somehow increase the saliency of that emotional state by manipulating the stimulus… more

august birchbox review

Another amazing box came to me from Birchbox this month, which made for an incredibly happy week of product trials in my tiny San Francisco apartment.  I was actually so busy with my day job and recipe work that it took me longer than my standard three days to get into all of these great… more


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