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breakfast for one

breakfast for one

Bunch is one of the absolute best meals in existence.  You don’t have to choose sweet or savory, carbs or protein, breakfast or lunch, mimosa or coffee.  These are some of the toughest choices a diner faces.  Brunch is the beautiful meal where you can just say “I want all of that” and it’s perfectly… more

gameday snacks: tomato bacon jam grilled cheese [week 11]

I know this sounds really weird… bacon and tomatoes?  Bacon and tomato jam?  What? No, I haven’t totally lost my mind (yet).  Let me explain my twisted logic.  I wanted to make a “greater grilled cheese” using a really sharp white cheddar and crispy bacon strips – but the thought of trying to balance a… more

gameday snacks: open face breakfast sandwich [week 3]

gameday snacks: open face breakfast sandwich [week 3]

My world totally changed when I moved to New York for college: I no longer had to wake up at 9:45 to catch the first Sunday game.  I quickly realized the pitfall of getting to sleep in was having to stay parked on the couch until late in the night, which often led to some… more


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