gameday snacks: chicken tenders [week 16]

Chicken tenders: my go-to diner order at any hour of the day… or night…  I’ve made many a variation of fried chicken, yet this childhood staple is my absolute favorite.  That said, I have zero interest in getting my chicken tenders from a drive-thru window – and lately, I’d rather cook at home than eat… more

gameday snacks: classic spinach dip [week 15]

Spinach dip is such a classic party appetizer, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to pull together my favorite recipe.  It’s also one of the easiest possible dishes to pull together, which is a dream for those get-togethers that seem to fall between weeks of mania and disaster.  I personally prefer my… more

pumpkin cookies for #fbcookieswap

We’re pretty deep into the holiday season, which means we’re deep into the most intense cookie consumption months of the entire year.  I don’t know why cookie exchanges are limited to the winter – cookies are my desert of choice, and I’d be over the moon if I could entice people to trade them with… more

gameday snacks: fried ravioli [week 14]

Of all of the pastas, ravioli is probably my favorite.  Perfectly al-dente noodles holding together whatever delicious filling you’ve concocted, swimming in a delicious sauce.  Yes. It’s fatal flaw?  It’s impossible to eat on the go.  So when a friend’s mom introduced me to fried ravioli (toasted, she called them, “because fried implies fattening and… more

gameday snacks: the ultimate thanksgiving sandwich [week 13]

I did it: I packed everything I love about Thanksgiving into the Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich.  I am the perfect combination of happy and full, and have lost all motivation to go for the quick run I promised myself I would do today.  Seriously though, this sandwich is magnificent. Check out those layers.  Toasty, buttered sourdough.… more

gameday snacks: tomato bacon jam grilled cheese [week 11]

I know this sounds really weird… bacon and tomatoes?  Bacon and tomato jam?  What? No, I haven’t totally lost my mind (yet).  Let me explain my twisted logic.  I wanted to make a “greater grilled cheese” using a really sharp white cheddar and crispy bacon strips – but the thought of trying to balance a… more

gameday snacks: loaded nachos [week 10]

gameday snacks: loaded nachos [week 10]

This post is going to be part recipe and part rant.  Why, you ask?  I have a pet peeve (okay, I have many pet peeves, but I’ll only go into one of them today) about improperly prepared nachos.  Context: you’re out at dinner with friends, and you decide, “Why yes, it would be a terrific… more

lighter chicken salad

lighter chicken salad

Chicken salad is an all-time favorite of mine; trouble is, I grew up eating my dad’s, which went so light on the mayo that it barely held together.  I remember exactly where I was when real-world chicken salad slapped me in the mouth with its offensive amounts of mayonnaise along with its complete lack of… more

gameday snacks: turkey meatball sub [week 9]

gameday snacks: turkey meatball sub [week 9]

This post is late.  Oops.  It was my birthday this past weekend, so with that in mind, I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness.  I kept it pretty low maintenance this year – I’ve had a lot of obligations over the last few months, and while tremendously fun, as a result I had zero desire to… more

gameday snacks: buffalo chicken pizza bites [week 8]

gameday snacks: buffalo chicken pizza bites [week 8]

Holy crap, when did we get to week 8?  It feels like it was just a week ago when I was so excited to join my love of football with my love of making dinners in cupcake pans to launch the gameday series – and now we’re halfway through the season.  Craziness.  I was looking… more


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